Winning the Worry WaR:
A Somatic approach to taming anxiety.

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If you’re one of the millions of people struggling with anxiety, you now the experience all too well.

The knot in your stomach, the throbbing pressure in your chest, the ever-present tension at the base of your neck.

Or there’s the low-key dread as soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning, the difficulty focusing during the day, and the insomnia at night when you most need a break from it all.

You’re so focused on avoiding potential catastrophe that your life feels joyless, constricted and limited.

It isn’t that you haven’t tried.

In fact, you’ve put a lot of effort into trying to manage the self-generating stream of worry that snowballs out-of-control. And despite all your best efforts, you have yet to enjoy any long-term lasting success at reigning in and taming your anxious thoughts.

I know. I’ve been there.

I’ve completely blanked out in the middle of important exams.

I’ve watched minor worries blossom into full-blown panic attacks.

And I’ve spent a lot of time avoiding places, people, and scenarios that had potential to trigger my anxiety.  


I tried cognitive interventions to interrupt and contradict anxious thoughts (it was only occasionally effective)

I tried mindfulness (it only worked when I found time to meditate)

I tried talking it out (and still left anxious) 

In fact, it seemed like trying harder was actually making my anxiety worse.

Hi, I’m Jeremy, and I’m a marriage and family therapist. I love working with adults who struggle with anxiety because I get it. I’ve put a lot of effort into organizing my life around managing symptoms and avoiding my anxiety triggers. But in the process of managing risk, I was also avoiding growth opportunities and important relationships— i.e. the stuff that gives life meaning.

In my practice, I have worked with people who are smart, talented, capable, and accomplished individuals. In their professional lives, they are difference-makers. In their personal lives they are kind, compassionate and committed. But when anxiety rears its head, they begin to doubt their gifts and capabilities, and they wonder if their contributions really matter. Anxiety dampens their enthusiasm and makes it harder for them to bounce back when they run into challenges.

I was excited when I began learning Somatic Experiencing because for the first time, I experienced noticeable change in my own anxiety. I learned effective ways of managing anxiety that aren’t about arguing with or combating anxious thoughts and that don’t require sustaining a meditation regimen. I experienced first-hand how working directly with the body and nervous system helped develop the skills and competence needed for managing anxiety in the real world.

My approach is experiential and collaborative. We’re not just going to talk about what works, we’re going to actually practice it

  • You’ll learn how your nervous system operates, how that affects your emotional well-being
  • You’ll learn how to pay attention to what’s happening in your nervous system so that you can “catch” your anxiety before it derails you
  • You’ll learn how to bring your nervous system back into a regulated state even when you aren’t in my office.

Anxiety is a normal part of life, but it doesn’t have to run you ragged.

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