Individual Counseling

Life is running on autopilot.

You’re dissatisfied with how things are going. Feeling disconnected from your core, you notice that your most important relationships are disappointing, and you just can’t figure out why some of the same patterns keep showing up.

Feeling half-alive, you long for an authentic experience filled with meaning and passion. It isn’t that you aren’t trying, but the ways you’ve tried to help yourself before just aren’t working as well as they used to.

You’ve begun isolating yourself, you’ve noticed that your wine and Netflix binges are more frequent, and you’re faking your way through your day, hoping the veneer won’t crack before you get home.

You’re finally ready for some fresh eyes and ears.

You need a new perspective to help you gain some traction.

You want someone to ask you how you’re really doing, and someone who will really listen to your answer.

I help clients who are ready for change but aren’t sure how to get there.

We’ll work together to cultivate a relationship with yourself that is wise, kind, and confident – a relationship with the strength and flexibility to adapt to whatever challenges life presents.

Find the passion and courage to live into your truest values, and the authenticity and depth to forge rich, meaningful relationships.

If you’re ready to start braving your way into a new relationship with yourself and others, call me at (615) 823-0701.