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I am currently an MFT Supervisor Candidate under the supervisory mentorship of Dr. Sara Hopkins, LMFT, and I offer post-master’s clinical supervision to individuals pursuing LMFT licensure in the state of Tennessee.

My goals of supervision include, developing competent and confident clinicians, enhancing clinical skills, ensuring client care and attending to person-of-the-therapist. I aim to make supervision a collaborative experience by encouraging open dialogue, transparency and creating a space that is safe for questions, ideas, and feelings.

Supervision will include:

  • The body and nervous system (including yours and mine)
  • Consideration of systemic factors beyond (but also including) couples and families.
  • Person of the therapist factors

My supervision rates are:

  • Individual: $100 / 50 min (1 supervision hour)
  • Dyadic: (2 supervisees): $100 / 90 min (2 supervision hours)
  • Group Supervision: (3-6 supervisees): $135 / 3 hrs (4 supervision hours)

If you have questions about working together or think we might be a good fit, please contact me.

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Jeremy Lehmann
Nashville, TN

I help adults overcome past hurt and post-traumatic stress so they can thrive in their lives and relationships.

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