You were made to thrive…

But lately, it seems like you’re just getting by…

Individual Therapy in Nashville, TN

…and honestly, even getting by feels like a stretch.

Typically you’re fine. 

Sure, you have your ups and downs, and usually you manage to come out on top.

But this year has been… tough.


You’re finding it difficult to stay on task, you’re trying to manage an unfamiliar amount of anxiety, and there’s this constant low-level dread and uncertainty that you just can’t shake.

Numb and disconnected from the people that matter.

Or maybe you’re secretly wondering if the problems that keep showing up in your relationships are evidence that you really just suck at relationships.

You’re wondering what it would look like if you could start showing up more fully to your life.

What will it be like when you finally decide to move over into the driver’s seat and take action instead of sitting in the passenger’s seat, looking out the window watching your life go by?

You are enough… as is.

When we’re struggling, it can be easy to slip into the belief that something is wrong with us – that we’re defective, or broken, or a failure.

Or that since this is the way it’s been, that’s the way it’s always going to be.

This isn’t where I start from. Maybe you’re stuck, and maybe there are obstacles that keep getting in the way – but you are not a problem to be solved. You’re not broken and in need of fixing.

You’re hardwired to thrive.

People don’t show up in my office just to vent or have someone to talk with. People show up here because they’re ready to make changes that they haven’t been able to make on their own. They’ve typically already put a lot of effort into solving the problems that are keeping them stuck. They’ve read books, they’ve strategized, they’ve talked through (and talked it through some more)… and for some reason, they’re still stuck.

In our work together, we’re not just going to about how and where you’re stuck. In our work, we’ll also talk a lot about thriving. And by thriving I don’t just mean experiencing less anxiety, disconnection, or conflict.

When I talk about thriving, I’m talking about:

  • connecting what it is that makes us feel most alive
  • being connected to ourselves and others,
  • allowing our deepest values to guide us
  • living lives rich with meaning and purpose.

Think about it as not just healing from, but also healing toward.

My style is relational, collaborative, and engaged. I’m not only interested in helping you work through the stuff that keeps you stuck, I also want to connect you with your inherent capacity for resilience so that when you leave sessions, you feel more competent and capable to meet the challenges of daily life.

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