You were made to thrive

But lately, the best you can imagine for yourself is surviving.

Transformational Therapy in Nashville, TN

Some days surviving feels like a stretch.

You have so many demands competing for your time and energy that paying attention – really paying attention – to yourself just doesn’t make its way onto your list of priorities.

Your life is feeling like a joyless ride on a hamster wheel where you expend a lot of energy, but you keep ending up exactly where you started… and a lot more tired.

Underneath it all, there’s a voice that keeps nagging at you.

Part of you wishes it would just shut up, but another part knows that inner voice means business and is ready to finally be heard.

You’ve been struggling with the aftermath of loss or past pain and have tried to get over it and move on, but parts of that experience insist on hanging around and are bleeding into the present.

Numb and disconnected from the people that matter.

Or maybe you’re secretly wondering if the problems that keep showing up in your relationships are evidence that you really just suck at relationships.

You’re wondering what it would look like if you could start showing up more fully to your life.

What will it be like when you finally decide to move over into the driver’s seat and take action instead of sitting in the passenger’s seat, looking out the window watching your life go by?

You are enough… as is.

When we’re struggling, it can be easy to slip into the belief that something is wrong with us – that we’re defective, or broken, or a failure.

Or that since this is the way it’s been, that’s the way it’s always going to be.

This isn’t where I start from. Maybe you’re stuck, and maybe there are obstacles that keep getting in the way – but you are not a problem to be solved. You’re not broken and in need of fixing.

You’re hardwired to thrive.

Let’s discover those strengths and capitalize on them to help you find some movement in those places where you seem to get stuck.

And let’s walk into and through the hard parts of your story so that you can finally start engaging in your life with more vitality.

I know that reaching out for help takes courage and vulnerability.

I see that, and I honor that.

You’re ready for lasting change.

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